It’s been such a joy to create these lovely ladies (and their birds!) Growing up as an only child with a single mother, I was surrounded with lots of dainty feminine energy. My mothers friends were like inherited aunts to me. We would stroll the streets of Charleston and as far back as I can remember colors, textures and patterns being something I was highly aware of. The cobblestone streets, the old brick and stucco mix on buildings, architectural dental moldings, the colors of rainbow row and smells of restaurants mixed with pluff mud and salty air. I still have a fondness of the smell of pluff mud to this day! This collection feels like a mix of those elements to me and the way that it all made me feel. Funny how the things of our childhood tend to incorporate themselves making up our style as we get older. I hope you enjoy the collection as much as I enjoyed creating it. Each painting comes in a white oval vintage style frame. I think the frames really complete the overall vibe of these pretty ladies. To shop and see, visit my shop: