So, to be honest, these figures have somewhat been tucked into my artist heart and mind for a while. When I began honing in on my painting skills several years ago, I experimented, experimented and experimented. While exploring the many subjects and styles I felt drawn towards, for some reason, feminine figures was something I kept going back to over and over.

I’ve always been a sucker for texture and textiles. That is the very reason I am so at home when browsing through Anthropologie stores. Something about the mix and blend of femininity, pattern play, artistry and that boho yet class vibe gets me every time.

So….all that to say, these new figurative pieces have been in process inside me trying to work themselves out but when they finally began to emerge, it felt like it was just what I had been trying to figure out how to express.

As a typical color lover, I was a little surprised when I kept leaning towards keeping the figures monochromatic. I really think our seasons of life do indeed affect our work as artist so much. My life has been a very full one with being a mom, homeschooling for the first time this year, selling our house and moving last month, possibly building again as well as continuously painting and working at growing my art business. Something about the simple palettes really spoke to me. It felt calming and soothing to my senses. It felt like it quieted all the noise and let me focus on the one thing I was really trying to convey. The figure.

Being also a lover of textiles, sewing and texture I began playing around incorporating those elements into the figures ruffles and clothing…and I completely fell in love with the effect! The cloth textiles create such a cool 3D effect off of the canvas which gives extra focus and interest to the figure. They are ethereal, sophisticated and calming. Yet still playful with loose brushwork and energetic splatters.

Spring has inspired me to begin incorporating rosettes – loving that delicate, floral, feminine touch!

Studio Scene / (Work in Process) #wip

I’m busy getting ready for several new events in the works that I can’t wait to announce more about soon! xoxo Tamara