I've been spending the month of December working on painting a new painterly greeting cards that will soon be available but have been really having the itch to take a day to just paint for the sake of painting…painting for the sheer joy of it and for myself. It is so reviving and refreshing to let what you're feeling to have room to playfully make its way out and I've seen the importance in allowing time for that as an artist beyond demands and deadlines. Through the many subjects that I've explored when stepping into the world of painting and fine art…one thing I continue to notice is that painting figures seems to always come back and call my name. I love everything about capturing the human emotion, the painterly skin tones, strands and strokes of hair and ultimately I love to capture the feminine, free spirited and carefree moments in life where the simple joys are found. See below for inspiration: 

Through the busyness and the hustle, she knows the good of taking time to stop and smell the flowers. The reprieve of the slow and the simple. The freedom of the gift that is right before her when taken time to notice. It's at no cost and demands nothing in return. Just a gift from her Creator to be admired. Such unshakable joy is evoked in those moments.  

– Tamara