Happy New Year, I hope it is off to a great start!

So many things have been swirling through my mind lately. New ideas, new opportunities and lots of time spent reflecting on this past year and the new year that is now upon us. 

But first, with much anticipation and excitement I’m honored to have my art on 48 new greeting cards + product that is licensed through Legacy Publishing. These products are on their way to U.S. retailers as well as now being available to purchase directly through their website. Card purchasing just got easier! You can find all these new goodies here 🙂

Also, a % of every card that is purchased goes towards feeding children in poverty in the U.S. and foreign countries through Legacy’s “Buy A Card, Feed A Child” program. So awesome to see cards and products on mission!  



The story of how this partnership came to be still blows my mind and can be chalked up to one of the powerful times in my life where the Lord orchestrated something so unexpected after years of praying for the right door to open for these cards.  This was a vision I have had yet took several years to see it actually come to fruition.   A vision to see cards that point back to the promises of scripture to encourage and that are fun, inviting, cheerful yet trendy. Simply put though…waiting IS HARD. Especially when you feel such a strong sense to do something. I call it “sitting in the waiting room of life” and I’ve learned over time to just go ahead, pull up a chair and get cozy. Waiting can take a while. BUT, I have seen the blessings that come when we wait on the Lord and His timing. It blows me away. EVERY SINGLE TIME. And every time I experience His provision and faithfulness again it reminds me not to doubt while in the waiting. HE IS FOR YOU + ME. When we live our lives truly believing His promises, powerful things begin to happen. His plans to use our talents, passions and abilities are good ones and all too often I can step ahead of Him and so easily can become impatient. He has shown me over and over again, He wants our hands to be open. Open to give and share our passions, abilities and our lives as well as being open to receive the things He is in the process of leading us to. AND it no doubtably leaves you changed when experiencing it all first hand and so personally. Remembering my many prayers over this and now seeing these 48 cards, journals, coasters, notebooks, bookmarks, list pads, recipe cards and the 2017 calendar that will be coming out later this year leaves me with a feeling I can’t quite put into words. Grateful and humbled is probably the closest words in my vocabulary.