Ever since I was a little girl, I always loved sending and receiving cards. When I was a teen, I would spend lots of time in the Hallmark card aisles looking for just the right one for a specific occasion. I loved the idea of heartfelt sentiments on a cute little folded piece of paper accompanied with beautiful artwork. In high school, the idea donged on me that one day I would hope to start a greeting card company.

Almost a decade later, married and working in a corporate sales job selling building materials, my husband encouraged me to step out and begin the new venture. Not knowing even what my style or genre was at the time, I took the step of faith and launched a card company called Tamagrams. After much exploration I began to find my sense of style as a whimsically affectionate toned greeting card artist. A mentor that I had met along the way began to highly encourage me to exhibit at the National Stationery Show in New York City. In my third year of business, I exhibited and I felt I was really stepping out in faith at that time. It was very costly for a small business to exhibit and was a huge gamble. I remember feeling a strong prompting to go and so after lots of show prep, my husband and I were off on a plane headed to the NSS to set up a booth.

To my surprise, one of my cards received an award for the Best New Product category and that was also where Recycled Paper Greetings (a division of American Greetings) found my work which resulted in a licensing partnership along with other licensing opportunities with other manufacturers.

Stepping out in faith during that time was powerful for me to see how when we hear God call us and we shakily step out in faith, He does in fact honor and bless obedience. It may not always look like the way we think it will look, but when we surrender our hopes and our dreams, it has a way of rolling out the red carpet for God’s plans and purposes and for Him to do His thing through us, through our talents, our gifts, our relationships…our lives.

After years of continued growth and discovering a true love for painting along the way, this new card offering is different from the original cards that I had digitally designed years ago. Cards have been the backbone of my business and what it was originally founded on so I’m very pleased to now bring a fresh, modernized look that represents my growth as an artist. I love that the cards have grown along with me — which are now marketed as Tamara Brown Art. Each one is truly designed from my heart and soul and are inspired by my very own sentiments that I have for friendships and relationships in my life. I hope you enjoy these cards as much as I have enjoyed creating them. My hope is that my art and cards would touch the lives of many and bring joy to both the sender and the recipient.